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What will make this project so successful is for an entire community to be involved. It was created for this reason. Here are some people that are helping to start the conversations.


 Curtis Olson Curtis Olson

Curtis Olson has worn many hats, including that of a musician, engineer, finishing carpenter, entrepreneur and real estate developer. His combined passions have all come together in green real estate through the formation of Shift Developments Inc. He developed Saskatoon's first warehouse loft conversion with Olstar Developments Inc. and converted a former grocery store into his very own HayLoft.

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 Daren McLean Daren McLean

Daren McLean's passion is creating community and marketability for green building through masterful identity and online marketing strategy. With a team, he built an interactive media platform for that hosted a North America wide $50,000 school video contest, engaging 20,000 users with 500,000 visits in one week.

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 Brett Johnson Brett Johnson

Final Draft Co. ltd. is one of the city's leading design firms for new residential construction. Led by owner Brett Johnson, the firm has a strong interest in developing the market for green residential, infill development and sustainable architecture. The company strives to change the average mindset and explore new technology and ideas.


  Jay Lowe Jason Lowe

Jason specializes in the production of computer generated three dimensional renderings. Following his studies at the U of S, he launched JL Visuals, a Saskatchewan based architectural illustration and animation studio which provides a broad range of visualization services to architectural firms and related clients.



 Rob Dumont Rob Dumont

Rob Dumont is a building scientist with a long track record of research into energy efficient cold weather housing design. Projects include contributions to the Saskatchewan Conservation House (1977), the Factor 9 Home (, the Riverdale Net Zero home in Edmonton, and his own personal residence that, up until a few years ago, was deemed to be "The Best Insulated House in the World."


 JulioJulio Ortega
Desmond Fehr

Two childhood friends, Desmond Fehr and Julio Ortega wish to use their company as a vehicle to develop smarter, sustainable homes followed by smarter, sustainable communities. Both individuals understand that now more than ever there's a need for change. Gren developments seeks to actively engage with community members and like minded individuals in order to ensure a cleaner more sensible future